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CCM Tacks Vector Plus22 Sr. Hockey Skate

CCM Tacks Vector Plus22 Sr. Hockey Skate

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Introducing the CCM Tacks Vector Plus22 Hockey Skate, a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and durability for players seeking a reliable and high-performing skate on the ice. Meticulously engineered with precision and utilizing advanced materials, these skates deliver top-tier performance, allowing players to skate with confidence and precision.

The CCM Tacks Vector Plus22 Hockey Skate features a lightweight and durable construction, providing stability and support for players as they glide and maneuver on the ice. The reinforced quarter package and injected outsole ensure excellent energy transfer, enabling efficient strides and quick movements.

Designed with a felt tongue and HD microfiber liner, the Tacks Vector Plus22 skates offer enhanced comfort and a secure fit, allowing for long hours of gameplay without discomfort.

The CCM SpeedBlade XS holder and stainless steel runner provide optimal balance and performance, allowing players to maintain control and agility on the ice.

Equip yourself with the CCM Tacks Vector Plus22 Hockey Skate and experience the ultimate blend of performance and comfort. Step onto the ice with confidence, knowing you're backed by skates engineered to perform at the highest level. Embrace the reliability and performance of the CCM Tacks Vector Plus22 and take your play to new heights on the ice.

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