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CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pad

CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pad

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Introducing the CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pad, a reliable and high-performing protective gear designed to keep players safe and agile on the ice. Meticulously crafted with precision and utilizing advanced materials, these elbow pads offer top-tier performance and comfort for hockey players of all levels.

The CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pad features a lightweight and anatomical design, providing a close-to-the-arm fit without hindering mobility. The molded PE foam and JDP® cap design offer superior protection against impacts and slashes, safeguarding your elbows during intense gameplay.

Designed with a secure strap system, the Tacks 9550 elbow pads offer a customizable fit, allowing for a snug and comfortable hold on the arms.

Stay cool and dry with the moisture-wicking liner, which helps manage sweat and keeps you fresh throughout the game. The CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pad is the perfect combination of performance, mobility, and comfort, setting the standard for competitive play.

Equip yourself with the CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pad and experience the ultimate protection and performance. Step onto the ice with confidence, knowing you're backed by top-of-the-line elbow pads engineered to perform at the highest level. Embrace the reliability and performance of the CCM Tacks 9550 and take your play to new heights.

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