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Bauer S22 Supreme Elite Senior Hockey Skate

Bauer S22 Supreme Elite Senior Hockey Skate

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The Bauer S22 Supreme Elite Hockey Skate is the epitome of precision and power, engineered to elevate your game on the ice. The S22 Supreme Elite features a lightweight and supportive construction, ensuring optimal stability and control for lightning-fast maneuvers. The brushed nylon liner ensures a comfortable fit, while the anatomical felt tongue offers enhanced protection and comfort. The TPR outsole maximizes energy transfer, allowing for explosive strides and quick acceleration. With the Bauer S22 Supreme Elite Hockey Skate, you can experience unparalleled performance and dominate the competition every time you step onto the ice.

Sizing Chart: Please refer to the following chart to determine the appropriate size for the Bauer S22 Supreme Elite Hockey Skate (Sizes 7 through 12):

Skate Size (US) Shoe Size (US) Shoe Size (UK) Shoe Size (EU)
7 8-8.5 7.5-8 41-42.5
7.5 9-9.5 8.5-9 42.5-43.5
8 9-9.5 8.5-9 42.5-43.5
8.5 10-10.5 9.5-10 43.5-44.5
9 10-10.5 9.5-10 43.5-44.5
9.5 11-11.5 10.5-11 44.5-45.5
10 11-11.5 10.5-11 44.5-45.5
10.5 12-12.5 11.5-12 45.5-46.5
11 12-12.5 11.5-12 45.5-46.5
11.5 13-13.5 12.5-13 46.5-47.5
12 13-13.5 12.5-13 46.5-47.5

Note: This sizing chart is a general guide, and it's recommended to try the skates on or refer to the manufacturer's specific sizing recommendations for the most accurate fit. The skates should provide a snug fit without being overly tight to ensure maximum performance and comfort.

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