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Bauer S21 Vapor X Hockey Glove

Bauer S21 Vapor X Hockey Glove

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The Bauer S21 Vapor X Hockey Glove offers the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and performance for players seeking a competitive edge on the ice. These gloves are crafted with precision and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and excellent mobility. The Vapor X features a tapered fit, providing a snug and responsive feel that maximizes stick control and handling. The dual-density foam padding and strategic inserts offer superior impact resistance, safeguarding your hands from hard hits and slashes. The flexible thumb design enables natural movement, allowing for better grip and control on the stick. The moisture-wicking liner keeps your hands cool and dry, while the ventilation ports promote airflow, preventing excess heat buildup. With its anatomical design and adjustable cuff, the Bauer S21 Vapor X Hockey Glove provides a comfortable and secure fit, so you can focus on your game without distractions.

Size Chart: Please refer to the following chart to determine the appropriate size for the Bauer S21 Vapor X Hockey Glove (Glove Size 8" through 11"):

Glove Size (Inches) Glove Size (Centimeters)
8" 20.3
9" 22.9
10" 25.4
11" 27.9

Note: This sizing chart is a general guide, and it's recommended to measure the circumference of your dominant hand to determine the best fit. The gloves should offer a snug but not restrictive feel to ensure maximum dexterity and protection.

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