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Bauer S21 Vapor Shift Pro Senior Hockey Skate

Bauer S21 Vapor Shift Pro Senior Hockey Skate

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The Bauer S21 Vapor Shift Pro Hockey Skate is built for speed, agility, and precision on the ice. Designed to meet the demands of high-performance players, these skates offer unrivaled performance and responsiveness. The Vapor Shift Pro features a lightweight and durable construction, combining advanced materials and technology to optimize power transfer and mobility. The asymmetrical boot design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, enabling explosive strides and quick turns. The Form-Fit+ footbed and ankle padding provide exceptional comfort and support, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall performance. Equipped with the Tuuk LS Pulse Pro blade holder and carbon-coated steel runner, these skates deliver superior stability and extended blade life. Whether you're chasing the puck or weaving through opponents, the Bauer S21 Vapor Shift Pro Hockey Skate provides the speed and control you need to dominate the game.

Sizing Chart: Please refer to the following chart to determine the appropriate size for the Bauer S21 Vapor Shift Pro Hockey Skate (Sizes 7 through 11.5):

Skate Size (US) Shoe Size (US) Shoe Size (UK) Shoe Size (EU)
7 8-8.5 7.5-8 41-42.5
7.5 9-9.5 8.5-9 42.5-43.5
8 9-9.5 8.5-9 42.5-43.5
8.5 10-10.5 9.5-10 43.5-44.5
9 10-10.5 9.5-10 43.5-44.5
9.5 11-11.5 10.5-11 44.5-45.5
10 11-11.5 10.5-11 44.5-45.5
10.5 12-12.5 11.5-12 45.5-46.5
11 12-12.5 11.5-12 45.5-46.5
11.5 13-13.5 12.5-13 46.5-47.5

Note: This sizing chart is a general guide, and it's recommended to try the skates on or refer to the manufacturer's specific sizing recommendations for the most accurate fit.

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